Is your site running slow? It may not be your server’s fault! WordPress Themes and Plugins can bloat your site making load times long and the user’s experience frustrating. If you want to decrease load times and increase Page Speed and YSlow grades, you need…


With S.W.A.T. Speed Tune-Up, we will perform the following on your WordPress website:

  • Before and After speed reports and analysis
  • Crawl of website to find and repair any link errors
  • Addition of caching technology at WordPress level
  • Activation of caching technology at server level (if access is granted)
  • Deletion of unused themes and plugins
  • Optimization of images: both file size and scale
  • Database cleanup of spam posts, post revisions, tables, etc
  • Activation of Browser Caching
  • Minification of HTML, CSS, and Javascript files
  • Deferment of Javascript file loading if possible
  • Removal of query strings to improve caching
  • Addition of Expires headers
  • Optional: Integration of a CDN: Content Delivery Network (additional third-party fees apply)

S.W.A.T. SPEED TUNE-UP : $399 per website.

Do you have more than one WordPress site? Contact us for volume a discount.